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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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flames from the "rim" fire from reaching mountain communities. the battle near yosemite is far from over. >> i can think of a prettier venue. >> emirates team new zealand! >> a big trophy and win for the kiwis. team new zealand advances to the america's cup fines. >> smells like sewage, rotten eggs, fishy. >> the stench coming from a dried-up lagoon and it's a stinky problem in one bay area community. >> the united nations team will begin a factfinding mission monday to determine if poisonous gases were used. >> hundreds of civilians killed in syria after suspected chemical weapons attacks. the investigation to figure out whether it was really poisonous gas. >> president obama has asked the defense department to prepare options. >> reporter: from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning. monday has arrived. it's august 26. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00.
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we're following several developing stories as you wake up this morning. the bay bridge closes in just two days to put the finishing touches on the new eastern span before it opens to the public. the five-day closure begins wednesday night so other bay area bridges and roads will get crowded. today u.n. everyone inspectors will begin -- united nations inspectors will begin an investigation of chemical weapons outside damascus. independent analysts say more than 300 people died last week from toxic gas. rebel forces blame government troops a claim the governor denies. the wildfire near yosemite national park is burning out of control. flames are jumping from treetop to treetop. "rim" fire has burned nearly 225 square miles and is only 7% contained now. the fire is so large, it can be seen from outer space. we're now learning it burned the tuolumne family camp owned by the city of berkeley. teresa garcia has the latest from tuolumne city with the latest on the firefight and
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evacuations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, frank. and, you know, it is a tense situation out here. it all is about structure protection at this point and in fact, here in the city of tuolumne, there are hundreds of fire engines that are stationed here ready to do fire protection. we are being blocked by one of the apparatus right now. what's happening is this mountain community is under threat. thousands of homes, it is just one of the places this fire is threatening to destroy. the "rim" fire near the yosemite national park has been designated the number one priority for the doug forrester. >> we have a lot of firefighters -- for the forest service. >> we have a lot of firefighters trying to get ahead of it. >> reporter: more than 3400 firefighters are battling the blaze which has consumed more than 20 structures and scorched nearly 144,000 acres. pine needles and dead leaves
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have created a bed of kindling on the forest floor. we are inside the firelines. this is what's being called a first priority zone. it's an area where the most resources are being dedicated. and this is because the blaze has been spreading most intensely along the eastern side of the fire. to the east of the fireline, two groves of sequoias are in danger. >> it's unthinkable to lose the sequoias. they have survived fire for two, three thousand years. >> reporter: park officials hope this thermal shield will help protect the trees. >> this will help repel it, let it move around it, particularly if we have cleared it. our idea is that the fire will go around it and the heat will preclude it from getting exposed to fire. >> reporter: they are also clearing out brush near the giant trees and watering them down with sprinklers. and frank, michelle, fire crews tell me they also use some of that shelter material to basically wrap this 100-year-
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old historical cabin that's next to one of those groves. it is a costly fight surpassing $20 million. the fight is far from open. it could take months to get it out probably not until wintertime. >> some of those streets over 1,000 years old. teresa, are there still concerns about hetch hetchy and san francisco's water supply and power generation? >> reporter: absolutely. frank people in san francisco should be concerned. a lot of water to 2.6 million people in the city comes from the hetch hetchy reservoir so what they are worried about is you got this reservoir cloaked in smoke. you have they can tap into other local reservoirs? >> they say now there's no issue with quality but they are monitoring it.
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>> teresa garcia live for us in tuolumne city, thank you. these firefighters need a break. >> you know, we could have a huge dome of high pressure and some real hot temperatures in the 90s. that's hot enough but it could be worse. looks like the week ahead though we're going to keep these temperatures down and i don't think we are going to see any thunderstorms at least not until this next weekend. so with that in mind, we do have some patchy fog around the bay area to start out early on this morning. even some drizzle out along the coastline and just inside the bay this morning. looks like it's going to begin to break up. once it does, we'll see a lot of sunshine coming our way. these temperatures staying very mild early on today in spots. 65 already in livermore. 64 in san jose. 60 even in san francisco. as we head toward the afternoon, we'll find mostly sunny skies some 70s and some 80s into the south bay. plenty of 80s in the east bay although these temperatures cooler than normal 67 in san
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francisco, 73 degrees mostly sunny in oakland. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> northbound 101 approaching vermont street. no big delays but the crash was just reported. closer to candlestick this is a live look northbound and southbound 101. all lanes stacked up beyond the overcrossing out bay bridge. westbound 580 competing for the busiest commute. that westbound 580 looks really slow until you get to about north flynn. the drive time is 23 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. we are counting down to the temporary closure of the bay bridge. it will shut down at 8:00 wednesday night and reopen the morning of september 3. so make sure you plan accordingly. there are now less than three days left for drivers to figure out how to cope with the
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closure. it's necessary so crews can finish work on the new eastern span before it opens to the public. transportation officials expect other bay area bridges and roadways to get more crowded. we have a bay bridge survival guide to help you get around the closure at good time to vacation. >> yes. >> some developing news this morning. the search for a killer is happening in union city after a rare double murder in that city. police say 911 calls started coming in at 1:00 yesterday after people heard gunshots near 11th an d streets. they found two young men, one dead, the other leaving in the street. he died at the hospital. they are the first homicides in union city in a year and a half. here in san francisco officers responded to this scene early sunday morning. police found an abandoned party bus, a trail of blood and shell casings. these pictures were taken by a kpix 5 viewer. one woman was reportedly hit by a stray bullet. police were following the blood
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trail and looking for victims and suspects an hour after the shooting. it happened on folsom in the south of market neighborhood. police are still gathering information to find out exactly what happened. right now, united nations said sniper fight hit one of its vehicles carrying chemical weapons inspectors in syria. the government is allowing inspectors to go to the site of the suspected chemical attack. cbs reporter susan mcginnis has the latest developments from overnight. >> reporter: as u.n. inspectors in syria move through damascus this morning to investigate an alleged chemical weapons attack, snipers fired at the lead vehicle disabling it. [ screaming ] >> reporter: more than 300 people died last week when rockets armed with what appeared to be a toxic gas struck a rebel held area of the capital city. many in america are calling for the u.s. military to intervene.
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>> we can't wait for the united nations. >> reporter: even if chemical weapons use is found there is no guarantee the united nations will allow action against syria. china and russia have veto power in the security council. >> we have to verify it was directed by the assad regime. >> reporter: jack reed said u.s. interinvestigation must be part of a wider response. >> this has to be an international operation. it can't be unilateral american approach. it has to have support internationally but not just politically but militarily. >> reporter: reed also said the conflict must ultimately settled by syrians not foreign governments a sentimentic owed by former secretary of state -- echoed by former secretary of state colin powell. >> these are internal struggles and they have to sort it out themselves. >> reporter: a senior white house official said sunday, president obama has not yet decided how to respond. susan mcginnis, cbs news. new york. >> most americans oppose intervention in syria's civil war.
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the survey taken by reuters last week shows about 60% say the u.s. should stay out of the conflict. only 9% support getting involved. today a soldier with bay area ties who fought courageously in afghanistan will receive the medal of honor. ty carter will receive the honor at a white house ceremony. he grew up in antioch and fought in the six-hour battle in 2009 when taliban fighters attacked an army outpost. in other news around the bay, 30,000 young people in san francisco are getting free rides on muni. just months into the pilot program, many are calling it a success. the program will be evaluated when it runs out next summer and could be extended. the free passes are available to children five to 17 years old. a woman accused of stealing luggage from travelers whose flights were diverted after the deadly asiana airlines flight crash will appear in court
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today. raychas thomas will face grand theft and burglary charges. she and her husband allegedly stole luggage and returned items to nordstrom's. her husband was a united airlines employee. this helicopter is for 21 years of age and older, how technology is meeting wine making up in napa. >> it's one smelly problem for a bay area community. the stench is coming from a dried-up lagoon. what's causing the foul odor for years? >> starting out damp along the coastline now. but more sunshine coming your way. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and if you are catching a flight by sfo, here's a live look at 101 near the 380 interchange. everything looks good but we have a new stall in walnut creek. it is causing some slowdowns there. we'll give you a live look coming up. ,,,,,,,, unbelievable.
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porn." it's when people post photos of their ex-lovs california lawmakers are trying to limit a destructive social media phenomenon known as revenge porn. it's when people post photos of lovers on the internet after they break up. the state assembly is set to debate the bill that would make it a crime punishable by up to a year in jail. the current state law allows victims to sue for the postings but by then, the photos have already been circulated. winemakers in napa valley may soon use a remote- controlled helicopter to spray their vineyards. uc-davis is testing the small aircraft as the cheaper more precise way to do the job. so far agriculture engineers are using it to spray water. but it could also be used to apply herbicides and pesticides. the chopper 5 is so precise it can treat a single row at a time. the man who operates it says it is a very serious device,
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though. >> it's not a toy. you know, this weighs 141 pounds dry and that's before you add any of the payload which is about 61 pounds to it. so you're talking about a 200- pound aircraft. >> they also need special permission from the faa every time it goes up in the air. the testing of the japanese- made device is scheduled to continue for at least another year up in napa. people living in a beautiful san rafael neighborhood say it's getting pretty ugly because of a putrid smell. a dried-up lagoon in spinnaker point is the source of a bad smell. without rain in the summer months it dries up leaving behind a smelly bottom. broken pipes are not bringing in enough water from the bay and residents are sick of it. literally. >> significant chest problems over the last year. i have been on medication for six months. i just had my scan two days ago. i'm not happy with this situation.
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>> it's a problem people say has been going on for two years now. the city of san rafael has gotten a permit to clean out and repair the pipe to allow small amounts of bay water into the lagoon. nothing like waterfront property, right? >> no kidding. >> ew, what is that? >> sometimes it smells like that right down on the embarcadero. >> across the street. >> that wonderful stench. what a view it is, though. around the bay area today, we are starting out with plenty of low clouds and fog and some heavy drizzle approaching the coastline so things a little bit damp outside early on. still, we're going to see mostly sunny skies toward the afternoon. coastal clouds continuing. temperatures below normal in many spots not only today but i think the better part of the week. we have a trough of low pressure camped out along the west coast. that is ushering in that cooler marine air and keeping the temperatures down for now and probably right toward the end of the month, as well. into the central valley a very comfortable 88 for this time of
6:18 am
year. they could easily be in triple digits in sacramento at this time. smoke in the high country because of the fires. it looks like the low clouds and fog will break up throughout the day today. hanging out toward the coastline, clear inside the bay and the valleys into the afternoon. that means your temperatures are looking good about 78 degrees today in san jose and sunny this afternoon. 86 in morgan hill. and 72 in fremont. east bay temperatures running up into the 80s in many spots then inside the bay, looking at 70s and a few 70s. next couple of days, we'll see these temperatures hovering about the same but then looks like a major cooldown especially in the latter part of the weekend. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. we will take you out to the east bay now specifically walnut creek. we are getting word of a stall and an accident. minor fender-bender southbound 680 right there by north main. and we can show you a live look. it's getting a little crowded once you get past the truck scales. so just a heads up, give yourself some extra time. but they are working to clear that accident and the stall. so westbound 4 we are also getting word of a new crash approaching a straight and you
6:19 am
can see some brake lights. we also had an earlier crash that's now cleared out of lanes but that one is involving a motorcycle. it's in the center divide. bay bridge, metering lights have been on since about 6:00 this morning. now you're stacking up cash and fastrak lanes. it is jamming up beyond the first overcrossing. so you can see the delays are spread out all across all lanes and pretty crowded as well up the incline. but again, this is one of your last commutes to drive the old eastern span. so again, it closes wednesday night at 8 p.m. you can watch all our live traffic coverage on thursday morning. we'll help you get around the traffic mess on thursday morning. so westbound 580 pretty heavy traffic this morning as well coming off of 205. 26 minutes now between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. that's the latest from here. back to you guys. the kiwis went home with a big trophy this weekend. the race that got team new zealand to the america's cup finals. >> and it took a bit of leaning to make this play.
6:20 am
and that wasn't his only crazy catch. we have the plays of the day. >> what's cool about your school? submit your nomination on our website at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,, ,,,,
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good morning, everybody. terrelle pryor will start the raiders last preseason game against the seahawks over matt flynn. the raiders also cut kickoff return specialist josh cribbs. now, the 49ers named colt mccoy as their new backup quarterback to this man, colin kaepernick. a five-yard scoot to quinn tosh 49ers beat the vikings 34-14 again mccoy is the backup
6:24 am
quarterback. baseball, a's rookie sunny gray roughed up. brian roberts opposite field on this one. gray did not make it out of the 4th inning. he gave up six runs. a's lose 10-3. they are 2.5 games back in the west. ryan vogelsong picked up his first win since coming off the dl. eight innings of shutout baseball. two hits, five strikeouts and the giants split their series with the pilots 4-0. indycar in sonoma. as scott dixon the leader pulls out of his pit, he hits the tire changer. another crew member was injured. dixon was assessed a penalty for the move. instead of winning the race, he finished 15th. who got it? will power. he took the checkered flag. he wins for the third time in four years at sonoma. the will power whose tire changer caused the whole incident in the first place will power is the winner in sonoma. that's it, everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great day. we'll see you tonight. thank you, dennis. play of the day a couple of plays from the same guy the
6:25 am
phillies roger bernadina, goes 403 and the last two feet he brings it back not park. then we go to the 7th, this time it's a diving grab from a base hit. nice stretch right there. two big plays. the phillies beat the diamondbacks 9 -5. nice red glove. team emirates new zealand took the louis vuitton cup in the san francisco bay yesterday. they move on to challenge team oracle usa for america's cup. >> the winner of the louis vuitton cup, emirates team new zealand! >> new zealand beat the italians a win that caps off a tough summer. back in may a swedish boat capsized killing a sailor. there's also a fierce debate over a physical change for rudders to safety but despite the rough start new zealand fans are confident in a bigger success. >> this is the start.
6:26 am
we mean to go on and do the whole deal at the end, bring home the cup. >> this is the fifth time in the past six america's cup new zealand will be in the final matchup. the america's cup race is september 7. 6:26 right now. plastic water bottles may be disappearing from the streets of san francisco soon. the plan to get people to stop using the waste-producing bottles. >> and i'm sue kwon standing at the site of the future golden state warriors arena. tell you about the added cost that could add on some time to the project. ,,,,
6:27 am
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6:29 am
the rim fire near yosemite moving closer to nearby cities. th morning we're learning it bd a popular berkley-ow firefighters are calling
6:30 am
this a monster fire. the "rim" fire near yosemite is moving closer to nearby cities. this morning, we're learning it burned a popular berkeley-owned family camp. >> bay area scientists may have found the key to addiction. how new research sheds light on the brain activity during drug use. >> low clouds and fog even some heavy drizzle around parts of the bay area. how long will that last? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and this crash in san francisco causing some slowdowns now. it's northbound 101 approaching vermont street. the right lane is clocked. we'll have the latest travel times for you coming up. 6:30. good morning, everyone. it's monday, august 26. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. new developments this morning on the "rim" fire burning near yosemite national park. it's one of the biggest fires now in california history. new mandatory evacuations as well as evacuation warnings and advisories were ordered yesterday. more than 220 square miles have burned the fire is 7% contained and the fire has burned the
6:31 am
tuolumne family camp owned by the city of berkeley. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us now with the devastation of some popular destinations in the path of the fire. >> reporter: today's strong winds are threatening to push the fire closer to tuolumne city and nearby communities. if you can take a look it's grown to the size of chicago and we are learning this morning as you mentioned it burned through berkeley-owned tuolumne family camp located right in this area here. it's on harden flat road near groveland. we have a photo of what it used to look like. firefighters haven't been able to access the damage so we don't know if any structures have survived. the camp was evacuated last tuesday along with other camps in the area including san francisco's camp mather, where firefighters are on standby right now for structural defense and camp tawonga where one building has already been burned doubt, and san jose family camp. an alameda county firefighter on the scene says it will be a
6:32 am
long time before this wildfire is contained. and how long could it be before the entire fire is put out? >> i think 100% dead out is going to be the wintertime. >> reporter: so months? >> months. >> reporter: the "rim" fire has been designated the number one priority for the forest service. the fire is threatening 4500 homes and destroyed more than 20 structures. a number of cities in other states issued health advisories because of the smoke from the wildfires and investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of the fire. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the fire is threatening san francisco's water supply. the flames are edging closer to hetch hetchy reservoir. city utility officials say so far the water is safe and there is no change or impact to water quality or delivery from the reservoir. hetch hetchy supplies water to more than 2.5 million customers in san francisco and the bay area. >> it's all everyone is talking about from the east coast i get phone calls are you guys close to there and what's going on and that kind of thing. >> it really is an amazing fire up there. hopefully the weather will
6:33 am
cooperate and give them a chance. looks like that's going to be case right now. not going to be that major heat wave up there. we are seeing a trough of low pressure along the west coast keeping some cooler temperatures in that direction hopefully some higher humidity, as well. we are seeing some of that around the bay area this morning in the form of some heavy drizzle. boy, they could use that in the high country with the fire. not going to get there, though am but we have some heavy drizzle approaching the coastline. if you are heading that direction, plan for some wet roadways. the fog spilling inside the bay and some of the valleys too. overlooking the bay right now you can see mostly cloudy skies. the temperatures very mild. 65 degrees in livermore. 64 in san jose. and 60 in san francisco. this afternoon, we are going to enjoy some sunshine, 60s and 70s around the bay. 80s in some of the valleys. and patchy fog and 60s toward the coastline. more on your weather in a few moments. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. taking a check along the peninsula near candlestick, everything looks pretty good northbound and southbound 101. it's a little farther north where we're seeing some delays. this is a live look near
6:34 am
bayshore. but check this out. there is an accident approaching vermont street northern 101. the right lane is blocked. speeds averaging about 37 miles per hour. they are working to clear that right now. in the meantime, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. our last monday morning commute on the old eastern span. westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze beginning to back up through berkeley and behind the pay gates it is jamming up towards the foot of the maze. about 15 to 20 minutes to get you on to the bay bridge. mass transit no delay for bart systemwide. they have about 50 trains all running with no delay. muni, caltrain and ace trains 1 and 3 also on schedule. back to you. golden state warriors wasn't front arena still has a few years before the 2017 nba season but major roadblocks are getting in the way of the deadlock. kpix 5's sue kwon is live near piers 30 and 32 with more on the rising costs and all the
6:35 am
delays as well. good morning, sue. >> reporter: good morning. well, this 2017 opening date denied like didn't have a lot of cushion to begin with. the warriors are finding a lot of moving pieces to the 13-acre site. we are talking about 18,000 seats in the arena itself and then a structure across the street two parking garages a hotel and condo towers. this is all going to be on a 2- acre parcel parking lot across from the pier. what i'm standing on is piers 30 and 32. this will also include a 130,000-square-foot retail space. there had been in recent weeks a shuffle in the architecture firm that's dealing with the integrity of the piers and what they are finding is they are not as good shape as they thought. it's already a $1 billion price tag but with the piers in such bad shape, repair costs for the piers that will be holding the arena will be possibly appear additional $80 million over the -- excuse me, $50 million over
6:36 am
the estimated price bringing up the total to about $170 million. this price tag also comes at a time with the state legislature authorizing the tide lands area to be used for this project. reporting look in san francisco, now back to you. >> with so many cost overruns who will front the bill, san francisco or will it be the warriors? >> it's not a long-time cost, frank. the warriors will cover the cost and then san francisco will pay it all back over years at an interest rate the one that's being thrown out there 13%. that's quite high. so when you talk about cost overruns, you have to bring into account that that is a cost that will be added over years to come. >> a lot of would be to be done. sue kwon live for us on the waterfront in the city, thanks. san francisco is on the way to banning single use plastic water bottles. proposed legislation would ban vendors on city property from selling water in plastic
6:37 am
bottles. the airport and stadiums would be excluded. new food trucks would also be banned from selling the bottles and banned from street festivals with more than 1,000 people. san jose and a be the largest city in california to ban styrofoam food containers. the city council will take up the ordinance tonight tomorrow. it would go into effect for restaurant changes next year and smaller eateries in january of 2015. opponents say it will be costly to businesses. a group of bay area scientists may have uncovered the key to tackling addiction. new research sheds light on the brain activity during cocaine use. the study conducted by uc-san francisco studied brain activity in mice when they were given doses of cocaine. new brain structures were formed during cocaine use in mice and those structures fostered drug-seeking behaviors at the expense of other needs. it provides a clearer path of how addiction may work in humans. time now is 6:37. most people dread the call of jury duty and now your chances
6:38 am
of getting picked are getting slim. the bill increasing the juror pool. >> and it was a jaw-dropping perform's at the vmas. the racy performance that has millions raising their eyebrows this morning next. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers here. so far, a bit of a mixed bag. coming up, an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. goodnight.
6:39 am
thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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"justin timberlake, mirrors (applause) timberlake won video of the year, and also got a l justin timberlake stole the show at the mtv video music awards. >> justin timberlake! >> he was great. he won video of the year and got a lifetime achievenent award and he celebrated by performing with his former boy band n sync taylor swift getting the award for best female video for her song i knew you were trouble. best male to bruno mars for
6:42 am
locked out of heaven. well, it's the performance people are talking about. if you didn't catch miley cyrus's r-rated performance last night's vma's here's a timer glimpse of it. the 20-year-old pop star made it clear she has moved past her hannah montana days with her vulgar dance moves. she stipulated down to a flesh toned latex bra and underwear at the end of the performance and the video speaks for itself. it was bad. i watched it. will smith's family couldn't believe what was happening before their eyes. look at their reaction. hands over mouths. jaws dropped. scrunched eyebrows. that was the response to the shocking performance. will smith like what's going on here? >> i don't blame him. >> this picture has gone viral overnight. the pop star has a new album coming out. and she revealed its cover on twitter with a neon pink sign and some palm trees there. some are calling the look reminiscent of the '80s tv show "miami vice." >> on that note i think we
6:43 am
should go to the biggest hannah montana miley cyrus -- >> ruined the segue. >> she kept sticking her tongue out. she has the longest tongue i have ever seen. it's incredible. pretty impressive. more impressive than her singing. live towards the bay bridge and the upper deck right now you're cruising along once you get towards the "s" curve. but there is an accident now reported just past the pay gates. bridge crews are working to clear it. it's blocking one lane. this is what's going on behind the pay gates. it's really jammed up. metering lights were also turned on about 45 minutes ago. so now we are seeing delays beyond the overcrossings and approaching the foot of the maze. there's also a crash now coming down the eastshore freeway. that's in emeryville westbound 80 by the powell street exit. so here's a look at mass transit. lawrence will talk about this coming up but a little drizzly outside. some of the pavement is met. mass transit might be a great option this morning. so far bart had no issues systemwide on time. bart, muni, caltrain and ace all on time.
6:44 am
also on schedule these delays coming out of the altamont pass. pretty typical right now beginning on 205 out of tracy. in the heavy category, 29 minutes, almost a half hour to take you out past the wind turbines towards 680 and the dublin interchange. that's the latest from here in the traffic center. with the latest on your forecast, here he is, here's lawrence. some fog and low clouds thickening up overnight. we have some drizzle showing up along the coastline pretty damp out there along the coastal areas, even just inside the bay we have some drizzle, as well. so if you are stepping outside today, a lot of clouds to begin with but by the afternoon we'll squeeze in some sunshine in most spots away from the coastline. still some patchy coastal fog but temperatures below average for this time of the year not only for today but for the week ahead. trough of low pressure camped out along the west coast continues here. no big ridge going to build in so we'll keep these temperatures down with a mix of sun and clouds in toward the afternoon. fairly cool for this time of year into sacramento. 88 degrees there, mild toward the afternoon. 97 and hot in fresno smoking in
6:45 am
the high country 70s in lake tahoe and smoke in the yosemite valley 93 degrees. around the bay 78 degrees, sunny san jose, 63 patchy fog in pacifica and 85 degrees in livermore. over the next few days no major changes over the next few although next weekend we could actually see a stronger trough begin to drop into the west coast. that will usher in some much cooler air. by the way, we have to check out our schoolcast for emma smith elementary school in livermore. morning bell patchy fog temperatures in the 50s. by lunchtime though mostly sunny should be a nice 71 degrees in the afternoon when you get out of school, hey, how about 83 degrees? that's a good day, kids. by the way, if you want to submit your school here, send it to a big price tag for a bay area drugmaker that's being sold. here to cat about it kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks -- here to chat about it kcbs radio's financial
6:46 am
reporter jason brooks on this first day of the workweek. >> reporter: a little juice for the market coming from amgen buying south san francisco- based onyx pharmaceuticals for $10.4 billion. this is the deal that's been in the process for several months. amgen, the biggest biotech in the world, tried to buy onyx back in june for $120 a share. it sweetened the offer by another five bucks. onyx agreed to that. looking to onyx for key blockbuster drugs for multiple myeloma and liver and kidney drugs, could be big sellers. stock market disappointing economic news this morning. durable goods orders in july plunged 7.3%, the biggest dropping in a year. a lot of that coming from a drop-off in commercial airplane orders. if you strip out aircraft and defense orders the core durable
6:47 am
goods orders rate was down 3.3% ending four straight months. we ended last week on a positive note for the stock market two straight winning sessions. this morning off to a flat start. numbers are heading in the right direction though early on. dow up by 4 points. nasdaq gaining 10. the s&p is up by 2. michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. both houses of the state legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill increasing the juror pool. the measure would allow lawful permitted immigrants to become jurors, as well. "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa griffin joins us to talk about what it all means. what's the big deal here? >> i mean it is actually very controversial. no state in the union so far allows anyone who is not a u.s. citizen to serve on a jury. california would be the first in the nation to allow lawful permanent residents to serve. remember, a lawful permanent resident, these are folks who are locally here and we generally refer to the people like this as having a green card, being legal residents so this is not for illegal immigrants or persons here for other reasons under other
6:48 am
visas. what this law would do is leave everything else intact. you would still have to be 18, speak english, be a california residents, be impartial. but what the lawmakers are saying is look, we have to every year recruit ten million californians to fill 164,000 spots on juries. and they said this is just too crazy. we need to expand the jury pool. so now both houses have passed it it's on governor brown's desk. proponents say lawful permanent residents pay taxes. they can serve as judges. they can be attorneys. they can be witnesses. they have to register for the draft and they can serve our country in the armed services. why on earth are we keeping them away from jury duty? opponents very partisan by the way republicans are overwhelmingly against this and voted against this in the state legislature. they say we reserve this for citizens. on the other hand we don't actually have lawful permanent residents asking to be part of the jury duty process and finally. senator anderson from san diego
6:49 am
said that in committee he said that he was nervous that he would someday be faced with a jury and he would be tried by a panel of foreigners. so that's that. he said it doesn't qualify as a jury of one's peers to have lawful permanent residents judging folks like himself. those are the arguments for and against. now governor brown has to decide. >> how -- permanent residents, would they have to start volunteering? >> well, so right now the way it works is the judicial council takes department of motor vehicle records and they take voter registration records and they put them together and they eliminate the duplicates and what is left is the list from which they call people for jury duty. so what this would do is basically leave on those lawful permanent residents who have licenses and state identification and who are on those dmv records, they can't vote so they are not on the voter registration records so the folks on the dmv records once the list is put together they would just remain on the list like everybody else and be issued summons and then proceed to engage in that very american
6:50 am
pastime of trying to get out of jury duty. >> a lot of people don't want to be on jury duty. but people that just have become citizens, they are pretty patriotic. it might be a big thing for them. >> reporter: they could be even more patriotic than anyone else when it comes to this. i also point out today's "new york times" has an article saying that only 40% of lawful permanent residents actually become citizens. more and more people are deciding that, hey, permanent residency pretty much gets me everything i need, i don't care about voting. so for that reason i'm not even going to convert to citizenship so this may actually make it more appealing for folks to not take the final step. there's lots of ramifications. we are not sure -- we will be trailblazing as usual but i think it's clear governor brown would sign this. don't seem to be really compelling arguments that have been articulated in opposition. it's a very partisan issue. i feel like as a democrat they are going to run it through. we can look forward to that.
6:51 am
>> very interesting. you can find more of melissa's segments on time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." and how about that, gayle king has the duties today. good morning, how are you? >> reporter: yes, i have affiliate duty today and i'm glad about that frank. hi, michelle. good to see you both. the top republican on the senate foreign relations committee that would be bob corker joins us this morning. we'll ask if he thinks that u.s. military action in syria is now inevitable. plus, inside the world's largest stand-alone building. it's huge home to an aquarium, waterpark and even an indoor beach. 80,000-pound visit you will hear from a group of kayakers surprised by a humpback whale that surfaced a few weeks from their boats off the california coast. this baby got very close. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys at 7:00. back to you two. >> we showed that picture last week. it's an interesting story. >> a bit of a surprise for the
6:52 am
kayaker. thank you. time now is 6:52. a special ceremony happening today for the bay area native. the u.s. military's highest honor. the u.s. army staff sergeant aheaded to the white house. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
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you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. 55 -- you've got two days to figure out how to get in out of san francisco without five things you need to know at 6:55. you have two days to figure out how to get in and out of san francisco without using the bay bridge. the bridge is closing wednesday night for five days to finish work on the new eastern span before it opens up to the public. transportation officials say other bay area bridges and roadways will get crowded. and the bridge will reopen the morning of september 3rd. we have a bay bridge survival
6:56 am
guide at well, flooding is possible for southern california today. remnants of a tropical storm dumped heavy rain from san diego county all the way to las vegas yesterday. unbelievable video. at least one driver had to be rescued after trying to cross deep water there. thunderstorms also slowed traffic on interstate 8. chp officers called for tow trucks to pull cars out of freeway mud. president obama will hold a ceremony today to award a medal of honor to staff sergeant tie carter being honored for his heroic efforts in afghanistan. carter will be the fifth living medal of honor recipient for duty in battles in iraq and afghanistan. u.n. inspectors will begin investigation today into an alleged chemical weapons attack outside damascus. analysts say more than 300 people died last week from toxic gas. rebel forces blame government troops a claim the government
6:57 am
denies. the white house is said to be considering various military options if it is confirmed the syrian government authorized the attack. there is no end in sight for the "rim" fire burning near yosemite national park. new evacuation orders issued yesterday as the fire moved to the north. the fire has burned about 144,000 acres thus far. it's only 7% contained. it could take the winter rains to finally put it out. cbs reporter sean bennett is gathering the latest information from the firelines near groveland now with the very latest. sean. >> reporter: good morning, frank. you know, we're live atop a grade this morning about 7 miles or so from groveland and 15 miles from yosemite but i just want to show you the valley and what we're dealing with. the smoke has made its way all the way back down towards escalon and oakdale just coming off 99 making your way up 120 going all the way through yosemite which is open at this hour. as far as the "rim" fire, how about some video. you can see how extensive it has been over the last week.
6:58 am
huge flames a lot of firefighters on the front lines. now burning northeast of groveland edging closer towards homes in tuolumne county. winds up to 20 miles an hour spread flames sunday afternoon as firefighters focus on the west side to stay ahead of the fire. strike teams are even waiting nearby to protect homes just in case this erratically moving fast fire takes a devastating turn towards thousands of homes. firefighters are working around the clock knowing at some point they will finally get the massive "rim" fire under control. we're told this is now the 14th largest fire in california shift. 34,000 firefighters are on the front lines. we are told that this "rim" fire has now surpassed $20 million and smoke could even be seen from space from those nasa images that you may have seen on the television but again, just to recap, only 7% contained. this fire burning more than a week. >> sean bennett live in groveland, thank you. a puppy is returned one day after it was taken out of a car
6:59 am
in mountain view. the dog's name is ooso a 9- month-old [ indiscernible ] pet bull mix. police put the word on the and the dog, stolen from a locked car, was returned in good condition today. >> california counties are getting creative concerning -- well, we are going to go over to weather because we can. >> let's do weather right now. low clouds swept onshore and drizzle outside this morning, as well. the temperatures pretty comfortable though in fact fairly mild looks like those numberses are frozen. how about that. we have some frozen numbers. it doesn't happen very often. man it's getting chilly. [ laughter ] laugh. >> our computers froze but it should be a nice day. >> welcome to my world. it usually happens in traffic not weather. let's go live towards emeryville westbound 80 by powell. we have an accident there blocking lanes. it is jamming up the works. 40 minutes now on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to
7:00 am
the maze. >> you cannest close ever. have a great day. -- quickest close ever. have a great day. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, august 26, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." yosemite park faces a firestorm. flames threaten thousands of buildings. and san francisco's water supply. and u.n. inspectors get to the scene of an alleged chemical attack in syria as the u.s. considers a military strike. donald trump is accused of cheating thousands of students at trump university. and new evidence about the source of mercury contamination in fish. we begin with the "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. we're gambling with mother


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